Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Other stuff keepin' me busy

A new Chalkboard for my Kitchen:

A book Wreath.... kinda felt bad for the book but awww look::

Told my son to take a picture from his angle (my 3 yr old the photographer!!)

Also Decided to make another couple of bibs for my kids that were easier to wipe of. Got this quarter of vinyl? pleather? I don't know what it is....??? Anyway I got it for 5 CENTS! @ the Habitat for Humanity Restore! I'm still not sure what to use for the edges...that's a tough decision right now--- any suggestions??!

And last but not least I found this 'thing' at a yard sale and I automatically thought of those luggage racks in the hotels and I decided to add the straps to make it into just that because my suitcase was still packed since 2 weeks ago!

And well, that has been my journey this past week. I don't realize how much I actually get done in that sewing room until I blog about it... it really helps me feel a little more accomplished. Thanks for stopping by!!!

Sewing Silhouettes

So this one of the many projects I have been working on this last week...

I found some pretty wooden plaque thing-a-ma-jigs at Michaels for $1.99 each and the scrapbook paper was on sale for 25 cents a sheet.

I cut out the paper after I rubbed the edges against the paper to get the form of the plaque... I then Modge-Podged it up!

Then after smoothing out the bubbles I take my silhouettes that I traced and cut out of black cardstock paper and placed them where I wanted them and Modge-Podged some more... I love Modge-Podge... I love saying Modge-Podge. hee hee

Smooth out as much bubbles as you can but don't fuss over too much because it is paper you are working with... it will tear. Here is my completed project:::

I am also using the same technique to make silhouettes of my kids. One down, one to go. I am including some of my silhouette photos for you! Enjoy!

Here are a couple of the silhouettes that I did on photoshop. The Scissors I traced from my own scissors and the needle and thread I drew free well as the letters. So the only one I have right now that I actually did on photoshop is the Dressform. But here are the ones I have =D


Also, click on the photo below to go to a tutorial on how to make silhouettes in photoshop. This is where I learned to do it =D

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

We should ALL start our days like this!!

Isn't it adorable? We should start every morning like this. Wouldn't we all be in a better mood! ;-)

AT LAST~~~ It is done:::

Finally I can say my sewing room is organized. Well somewhat. It was raining really hard the other day so I couldn't get the rest of my stuff out of the trunk of the car. I score big with some cork message boards and a white shelf. But here is my before and after shot!

Here is my before....ewww!

And Here..... WHAT A MESS! How embarrassing!

And here is my AFTER! ~~**Big Sigh of relief** I got a new curtain too!! (I like the vintage look...)

Here's what I did.... I first cleared an entire corner... threw stuff away, put stuff away that didn't belong, vacuumed that area and then I set up this little sewing corner... It's still unfinished. That little pic of a sewing machine in the middle of the picture is the beginning of a silhouette project I'm currently working on... (details later) ;-)

I found these letters at Michael's for a dollar each! That's a good bargain and they are metal too... I also found the thread spool holder at a thrift shop, even though I had to dig to find it. =D

I set this message board up so that it is easier to visualize projects that i'm already working on or pieces I've made that I may want to incorporate elsewhere. It's good to have things up that will inspire you!!!! If it's in a drawer---outta sight out of mind, which is not really what you want in a craft room where you need to be constantly inspired.

I also think it's a good idea to have your work/ sewing table accessible from more than one or two sides, it really allows you to go around your work instead of turning your work (which sometimes messes it up for me)

And this side...well i'm still working on it. I just found this shelf at the Habitat for Humanity Restore (which totally rocks!!! you should see if you have one in your can even haggle down a price from time to time)

I encourage you guys! Don't be discouraged! I was for a while, but I just decided to do it, and it took me a whole night and the next day to get here, but I was happy with my final result. There's still more I can do and I will do it as I go along.... My kids were happy with the outcome too. They weren't allowed in this room before b/c it was such a disaster but when I was done I said "Finally, I'm done cleaning this room" And they both ran in there and started saying "WoW MOOOOOOM!!" and they were giggling and spinning around in their new found space----HAHA it was plenty to make this mama feel accomplished!!!!

P.S. Here is an example of how awesome the H4H Restore is:::

Large table : $5
Shelf for fabric: $3
Cork Message Boards: $0.75 (I got 3!)
chair: $3

Other stuff I bought at yard sales or thrift shops:::

spool holder: $1
trunk: $5
bird cage:$1
Quilting materials: $free
curtain material: $4 (which was a little pricey, what is up with thrift stores being so pricey? Isn't everything donated to begin with?) =D

Just had to Share::: Hilarious!!

For all you Mother Fathers out there LOL!!!! This video made me laugh so hard! My kids liked it too =D

And this is my son just being a nerd...

Sewing Room Future

SOoooOOO. I haven't gotten to organizing my craft room yet. I would love to say that it looks like this...

Or maybe even like this....

Even a mess like this I could deal with! It would only take a few minutes to sort through...

But this is what I'm dealing with right now... Grrr Call the clean sweep people::: I need some organization!!!!

Large Bag... Sun Bonnet Sue

This is a large bag I've been working on. I found this little girl quilted on this pretty pink in a box. Poor thing. =D So I gave her a home. This is where she lives now... on this tote. Isn't she adorable. I am going to go online and see if there is a tutorial for making her myself. Does anyone know what this pattern is called???? Thank you to whoever gave their box of quilting supplies at the church yard sale... as you can see they have been much appreciated. Here is the back of the bag:: I still haven't made the strap for it yet because I ran out of the fabric I wanted to use. (Sorry about the bottom of the pocket I need to iron that down.) The fabric I had left wasn't enough for a good sized strap for this big tote, so I just made a strap for my camera... PS I found her:: Her name is Sun Bonnet Sue::: Here is a link to a few tutorials on how to make her Quilter's Cache Sunbonnetsue, Sunbonnetsue with hand in pocket Free Applique-- Keeping It Simple Making