Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Other stuff keepin' me busy

A new Chalkboard for my Kitchen:

A book Wreath.... kinda felt bad for the book but awww look::

Told my son to take a picture from his angle (my 3 yr old the photographer!!)

Also Decided to make another couple of bibs for my kids that were easier to wipe of. Got this quarter of vinyl? pleather? I don't know what it is....??? Anyway I got it for 5 CENTS! @ the Habitat for Humanity Restore! I'm still not sure what to use for the edges...that's a tough decision right now--- any suggestions??!

And last but not least I found this 'thing' at a yard sale and I automatically thought of those luggage racks in the hotels and I decided to add the straps to make it into just that because my suitcase was still packed since 2 weeks ago!

And well, that has been my journey this past week. I don't realize how much I actually get done in that sewing room until I blog about it... it really helps me feel a little more accomplished. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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