Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crafts:::Craft Room

Well I've been pretty busy these last few weeks but not too much in my sewing room. But I did manage to put together all these pieces that someone began to quilt...but never finished & right now it's hanging on my wall, simply because it makes my room look more crafty =D

So now it's hanging beautifully in my room...Nice...that space needed something, before I wasn't very fond of the whole Quilt look, but now seeing it up there just fills a void and looks pretty.

These squares were just one of the many things I found in these two boxes of stuff my friend gave us from a yard sale...

Yeah, I need to get to that... NOw my stash has grown!!!! Arrrrgh. I really want to get to that room and organize it nice and pretty but it's really hard to focus on getting this all organized when I don't even know where I'll be next month::: Story to follow later.

I also found these. Aren't they adorable. The scent is all gone from the potpourri but they're still darling!

Future shabby chic purse...

Haven't decided yet....

These... I have no Idea what to do with yet. Any ideas?

This is the beginnings of a new bag.

And here it is. Holding all my lace and trim.

Sorry this post is so picture heavy, I've had too much on my mind lately. We might move, we might not...we're waiting on God and an answer.

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